Why Aeration is Benefitcial for Everyone

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can help you learn more.

Why should I aerate my yard?

The soil on your lawn gets compacted over time. With heavy use from pets, children, or general foot traffic, your soil gets compacted even faster. When this happens, grasses take longer to establish long roots that are needed for efficient watering. Lawn aeration removes plugs of soil from your lawn and exposes root systems to oxygen, fertilizer, and water. As a result, soil drainage increases, grass roots establish better and thicken, and less water is needed to keep your lawn lush and green. Overall, aeration saves you money from expensive water bills!

How often do I need to aerate my yard?

Depending on the type of soil you have in your yard and the traffic your yard endures, you may need to have your lawn aerated multiple times a year or only once. Clay soils get compacted more easily and require more aeration services whereas sandy soils take longer to become impacted and may only need yearly services. If you’re unsure what type of soil your yard has, and how often you need aeration, give us a call and one of our lawn experts can help you.

When should I aerate my lawn?

Today! Lawn aeration is best done in the fall for the Twin Cities areas. This ensures that your grass can heal during it’s growing season. The grass growing season runs well into the fall and stops when your soil temperature reaches 32°F making aeration an ideal fall lawn service.

Now that I've aerated my lawn, do I need to clean up the soil plugs that were left behind?

After your lawn has been aerated, soil ‘plugs’ will be left on your lawn. These soil plugs dry up and work their way back into the soil and holes by adding critical nutrients and microorganisms to the soil below. (Weekly lawn mowing helps this process speed up faster.) If these soil plugs are removed, unneeded stress can occur to your lawn so it’s better to leave them where they are.

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